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Furniture trends 2024

Furniture trends 2024 continue and develop key trends of past years. Thus, minimalism continues to occupy an important place with its desire for maximum ergonomics and functionality of the interior. Only the approach to this style has changed - if earlier designers sought to depersonalize the room, rid it of visual noise, now there is a clear trend towards individuality and imperfection. This is expressed in a violation of the usual arrangement of furniture, asymmetry, unusual shapes and patterns.

Also, the trend toward environmental friendliness continues to be seen in interior design. Every year more and more manufacturers are beginning to be more attentive to the environment. New materials are being developed, the rejection of unnecessary things and excessive consumption is encouraged, it is recommended to choose furniture that is reliable and durable. It is largely thanks to this approach that the rethinking of retro is gaining great popularity - according to the philosophy of eco-activism, it is better to give a new life to an old thing than to acquire a new one.

Trendy colors

An interesting trend has been observed in the design world in recent years - artificial “digital” shades have become increasingly popular. This is not surprising, because technology is increasingly intertwined in our daily lives. On device screens, colors look different; they do not change their state depending on the lighting, always remaining in their pure, original form. The backlight also helps, adding brightness and saturation to them. The rich palette allows you to experiment with a variety of shades. From the digital space, these colors move into our real, tangible world, creating new unusual combinations and meanings. However, if we take a closer look at the trends, we will find that primordially natural shades are beginning to occupy a much larger place.

Main colors in 2024

  • Digital lavender is a complex shade of lilac, characterized by softness, tenderness, and tranquility. According to researchers, this color carries within itself everything that modern people lack, namely stability, serenity, and peace of mind. This color is balanced, pleasing to the eye, encourages rest and restoration, encourages you to take care of your comfort and health - and therefore is ideal for cozy home interiors.
  • Sundial is a warm, earthy shade of yellow. This color is on the verge of brown, gold and ocher, conveying an atmosphere of grounding, comfort, and closeness to nature.
  • Calm blue is a low-saturated cool shade of medium brightness. It embodies clarity, silence, stability, reminiscent of morning light, calm water surface and rarefied air. The color is perfect for home decoration and goes well with warm pastel tones.
  • Verdigris is one of the most interesting shades. It was inspired by the color of oxidized copper. Too green for turquoise, too blue for emerald, it stands in between and helps create new and unusual color palettes in your design. Experts also say that it carries a touch of nostalgia for the 80s, referring us to the sportswear of those times.
  • Juicy or latex red is a rich and bold shade. If the previous options were calm and balanced, then this color conveys completely different meanings: brightness, passion, a riot of colors and emotions. It's good for accents and details.

Color palettes 2024

There are options:

  • A palette consisting of different tones of the same color, smoothly flowing into each other. Calm, balanced shades are used to create a feeling of one safe space. This range allows you to create a pleasant, monotonous interior in which it is pleasant to relax from visual noise. Various textures are used to create contrasts and accents, such as concrete and stone or natural fabrics.
  • A range inspired by precious metals and stones. In place of the boring gloss came noble shades of gold, silver, bronze, echoing the brilliance of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. These colors look elegant and impressive, adding a sense of luxury and gloss to the interior. They are especially good to use as accents against a neutral base finish.
  • Warm shades of brown with the addition of coral, pink, pearl, amber, malachite. This palette can be called a kind of compromise between the trend for spices and jewelry.

Shapes, drawings, patterns

The main trend in the visual design of the interior will be elements that create a feeling of calm and safety. Sharp corners, sharp lines, clear geometry - all this is becoming a thing of the past, giving way to softer and more relaxing forms. Experts suggest considering the interior not only from a utilitarian point of view, but also from a psychological one. Your home is your refuge, a safe haven, a place for rest and relaxation. To achieve this feeling, you can use the following techniques:

  • Waves of different shapes and sizes. They will be appropriate both in decoration and in decor. This pattern evokes associations with water and the ocean, regularity, and calm.
  • Reed texture. Small stripes of natural straw color also send us to quiet bodies of water and set us up for relaxation and meditation.
  • Round lines. They look especially interesting in the design of furniture - unusual oval-shaped sofas without sharp corners with soft pillows, frameless armchairs, cabinets and cabinets with round elements and decorative arches. 
  • Unusual curves. Since one of the trends of the year is modernity, it is worth turning to asymmetry and smooth natural motifs.

As for the patterns, in addition to those listed above, an interesting solution, for example, would be to turn to different directions in the fine arts.

  • Black and white graphics. Various combinations of contrasting lines, randomly located on the fabric or facade. The drawings are inspired by deconstructivism, sometimes exactly repeating some classic works in this genre.
  • Geometric abstractions. Different colors and patterns, as if straight out of paintings from contemporary art galleries. Here avant-gardeism was taken as a basis. An interesting combination comes with the trend towards environmental friendliness and recycling of materials - you can create a composition from old fabrics and textiles yourself.
  • Ethnic motifs inspired by ancient civilizations. Mayan, Ancient Rome or Egypt, African tribal cultures. Primitivism, animal prints and other decorative techniques of the past can be an excellent accent.
  • Metallized patterns with a shading effect - a smooth transition from one shade to another. The colors of precious metals and jewelry are used.
  • Marble effect. It does not lose its relevance both in the decoration of facades and in textiles.

Materials and texturesEco-friendliness and sustainability are two major trends that are moving smoothly from last year into 2024, gaining more and more popularity. Mostly natural materials are used, or good quality imitation, produced in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Furniture is preferably durable, wear-resistant, easy to clean and safe for everyone who uses the room. Comfort of use comes first, appearance and design undoubtedly remain important, but ergonomics is a priority. Here are the materials and textures experts advise you to pay attention to:

  • Leather. It doesn’t matter whether it’s natural or artificial, it will look good in the interior if you choose the rest of the ensemble correctly. It looks good in combination with gilding, marble, metal elements, such as chrome, brass or bronze.
  • Clear glass. Often used with backlight. The use of this material will make it possible to make even massive cabinets and sideboards weightless, filling the room with air and light. This point also includes furniture made of frosted glass and ribbed glass - such a surface adds a graphic touch to the interior.
  • Rattan. Like leather, it can be either natural or artificial. Various wicker products are now used not only in the garden, but also inside the house.
  • Natural textures. For example, furniture built into walls and niches is made of the same material. This unusual trend requires good imagination and a sense of style. It is preferable to use natural materials such as wild stone, wood, concrete, clay, ceramics. Although it seems that they are intended only for finishing, with the right approach you can get an unusual and beautiful result.

Current styles

The main thing that changed in the approach to interior design was the desire for authenticity, which replaced asceticism. So even if you choose one of the specific styles, don't forget to add some personality to it. For example, a restored old sideboard from a country house or a homemade wicker laundry basket will add the necessary zest to your interior in a retro, eco or even minimalist style. Now let's look at which areas will be especially relevant next year:

  • Soft minimalism. We are used to seeing this style as monochrome, cold and lifeless. In 2024, the trends include a more comfortable, homely variation. The general approach to the design of the room and furniture is preserved, but the color scheme changes; warm color shades dominate in it. The materials are predominantly tactilely pleasant, natural - wood, wool, stone. This style can be used as a base style, supplemented with elements from other trends, for example, Scandi or boho.
  • Retro. An interesting solution could be to decorate a house in the style of the 70s. In the case of this style, you can rely on authentic interiors of different countries, from the USSR to America, whichever you like best in spirit. Leather sofas, massive chests of drawers, patchwork quilts - the more nostalgia and comfort in the decor of the room, the better.
  • Ecostyle. We have touched on the topic of environmental friendliness more than once in this article: when we talked about trendy palettes, materials and textures. The style in general will also be characterized by turning to nature for inspiration, integrating plants and other natural materials into the home, and caring and attentive attitude towards the surrounding world.
  • High tech. Like minimalism, this style has undergone some changes in 2024. What remains: manufacturability, the use of smart home devices from household appliances to sockets and “smart” curtain rods. What's going away: deliberate futurism. Modern technologies are integrated into the interior as authentically and unnoticeably as possible, which allows you to combine high-tech with retro and other styles.

Total stylish furniture in 2024 is:

Environmental friendliness, authenticity, comfort of use. When choosing furniture, use the following tips:

  • Color palette: natural range, inspired by spices, plants, precious stones. Warm shades of red, brown, and green are especially trendy.
  • Shapes, designs, patterns: smooth, calm lines, rounded shapes, authentic abstract patterns predominate.
  • Materials and textures: natural, from wood to unusual options like rattan and stone. Transparent and ribbed glass, leather, high-quality imitation of natural materials.
  • Styles: soft minimalism, retro, eco-style, hi-tech. 

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