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Q1: In addition to large office projects, do you also accept orders for home offices, maker spaces, and collaborative small office projects?

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A: Yes, we accept, we have completed both large and small projects as a team. Send us your floor plan plans, you won't regret it.

Q2: How long does production usually take?

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A: Within 25-30 days, we can complete regular orders for standard products or light customized products. If it's a tailor-made order, it depends.

Q3: Where can I see and touch your furniture?

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A: We have more than 68 offline dealer stores around the world, please contact us for the nearest store. In addition, we often attend those most famous furniture exhibitions, you can meet us when we come to your country. Contact us to find out about our exhibition schedule.

Q4: Are any of the items shown on the website in stock?

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A: Most standard items are in stock and you can place an order when you need them.

Q5: I like your furniture design, but I don't know how to do interior design for my workplace, can you help?

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A: Yes, our experienced designers can provide you with the most suitable solutions, including reception areas, private offices, staff areas, conference rooms, training rooms, and entertainment areas.

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